Upper Chichester Library Mission Statement

About the Library

Mission Statement: Provide educational and literary resources, cutting edge programs and current technology which enhance, and enrich library members and the community at large.

Mission Purpose: We are a public resource, community education and information center.

Vision: To establish ourselves as the acknowledged educational community center providing lifelong learning for all ages

Values: Our credo, resources and programs embrace the American Library Association’s Bill of Rights, which gives access to diversification of ideas and intelectual integrity.


 Upper Chichester Library was founded in 2001 by two local boy scouts, George and Greg Daniels, who collected over 10,000 books and established the library in its present home today The Willowbrook Shopping Center. After 16 years of service to the Upper Chichester Community the library is still an independent, public library.

Memberhips: $3.00/year

Library Board of Trustees

 President:  Dawn Daniels

 Vice President: Nicole Whitaker

Treasurer: David Houtz

 Secretary: Laura Schreiber


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Mary Williams | Gloria Brazelle