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2020 Annual Fund Drive Request
Dear Library Patrons and Neighbors,
To say that 2020 has been a continuing challenge is a gross understatement. Covid-19 is causing untold deaths, social dislocation and economic disruption on a global scale. Almost all-American families and institutions have been affected. Your library is no exception.
We were ordered to close our doors and suspend operations for 3 months. Fund raising events – an important source of operating revenues -were put on hold.
Your library is meeting this unprecedented challenge with rededicated planning and perseverance. We are pulling ourselves up by our “bootstraps,” fully serving the Upper Chichester community through innovative programming and supplemental financing. We reopened the library by providing curbside services staffed by an extraordinarily motivated team of part-time employees and unpaid volunteers.
Specifically, we have accomplished the following:

• Sustained existing educational and cultural programming through virtual classes, such as reading programs for toddlers, schoolchildren and teens, virtual art and crafts classes and book clubs.
• Maintained our ability to offer public services utilizing remote technologies such as Mobile Print Service, copying and faxing documents, and remote e-mailing and printing.
• Obtained vital grants and loans from governmental and private sources to sustain us through these financial challenges.

And there’s more. We are adding new books {fiction, non-fiction and reference) and DVDs each month to keep pace with member requests. We’re in the process of adding a new service – e-books for checkout to Kindle users. Other exciting projects are on the drawing board.
Surveys show that families are cutting costs by eating out and travelling less. They are spending more time at home, reading, watching TV and streaming films. This means that consumers are relying more on services provided by their local libraries.
While the Upper Chichester Library will always be here to fulfill your needs, we need your help as well. Would you please take a minute to return the envelope with your contribution? We are sensitive to the economic challenges you currently confront, but we simply cannot sustain operations at current levels without your generous assistance. Thank you so much!

Best wishes,
Dawn Daniels, Board President