SAT, PSAT, & ACT Online Practice Tests & Info

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  1. SAT Practice Test Online – Prepare for your SAT’s by utilizing this site and practicing for your test, Also find information on registering to take your exam!
  2. Free Online PSAT Practice Test – feel free to take advantage of this free practice site!
  3. PSAT Registration Information – Visit this site to get information on registering for your exam, as well as other valuable information regarding preparation for college.
  4. Free ACT Practice Questions – This site will help you prepare for the ACT Exam, and give you more information on registering for the exam.

Financial Aid and Student Loan Information

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  • FAFSA Application Online –  Federal Student Aid, a part of the U.S. Department of Education, is the largest provider of student financial aid in the nation.
  • Federal Student Loans : Students and parents can explore the site for information about the Direct Loan Program, including helpful publications and tools to help manage their Direct Loans.
  • Sallie Mae Student Loans: At Sallie Mae, is proud to have helped more than 30 million Americans save, plan, and pay for the education that can offer them that key. 

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Ever craved a good book and just not been inspired by anything you see? Or felt annoyed that you bought a book that was merely so-so? Or closed a book and JUST wanted to talk about it? Or wished you had a place to discover new books? Check out, part of the Book Reporter Network.

2019 Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Readers
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This year’s final list consists of 30 titles selected from 108 nominations. The Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers list identifies titles aimed at encouraging reading among teens who dislike to read for any reason.