About Upper Chichester Library

The Upper Chichester Library was founded in 2001 by two local boy scouts, George and Greg Daniels, who collected over 10,000 books and established the library in its present home today at The Willowbrook Shopping Center. After 18 years of service to the Upper Chichester Community, the library is still an independent, public library.

Our Mission

To provide educational and literary resources, cutting edge programs and current technology which enhance, and enrich library members and the community at large.

Our Purpose

We are a public resource, community education and information center.

Our Vision

To establish ourselves as the acknowledged educational community center providing lifelong learning for all ages.

Our Values

Our credo, resources and programs embrace the American Library Association’s Bill of Rights, which gives access to diversification of ideas and intellectual integrity.

Library Board of Trustees

President: Dawn Daniels
Vice President: Nicole Whitaker
Treasurer: David Houtz
Secretary: Laura Schreiber
Library Director: Terri Smedile
Trustees: Fran Samson, Dawn Larkin,  Sid Feldman, Rosemary Kertis, Chris Heavens,Esq. , John Iannotti, Pastor Steve Wilson, Sara Murphy

Dawn Daniels

Dawn Daniels

Board President, The Upper Chichester Library

Dawn has been the President of the Upper Chichester library since its inception 21 years ago.  Her sons, George and Greg Daniels, instituted this very first library in Upper Chichester as their Eagle Scout project when they were 14 and 16 years old. They remembered going to the Marcus Hook library at a young age and wanted their township to have their very own library too. Dawn has watched the library grow and bloom into something very special and is gratified that it can now compete with most of the other libraries in Delaware County.

Dawn is also a licensed Realtor in both Pennsylvania and Delaware for the past 15 years where she has sold residential and commercial properties during this time.

Nicole Whitaker

Nicole Whitaker

Board Vice President, The Upper Chichester Library

Nicole S. Whitaker, who is currently serving her third term on the Upper Chichester Board of Commissioners, was first elected in 2009, becoming the first African-American woman to be elected to the Board. In January 2012, Nicole was elected President of the Board and served two years in that position. Nicole currently chairs the Township’s Recreation, Library, and Historical Society Commissioners Committee, serving as the Township’s Liaison to the latter two.

Nicole was raised in the Twin Oaks section of Upper Chichester. She has one daughter, Jadyn, and was recently married to Erik Robinson in August of 2015. Nicole is a member of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Twin Oaks.

Nicole began her public service journey in 1994 when she volunteered for a Rape Crisis Center. Over the years she has volunteered for the March of Dimes, Red Cross, and the American Cancer Society, among others.

While majoring in Criminal Justice and Psychology at Savannah State College, Nicole became a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. The Organization’s Five Point Programmatic Thrust includes pivotal causes such as economic development, educational development, international awareness and involvement, physical and mental health, and political awareness.

David Houtz

David Houtz, CPA, CPF

Board Treasurer, The Upper Chichester Library

David Houtz, CPA, CFP® has been the treasurer of the Upper Chichester Library since 2017. His duties include making sure the financial statements accurately reflect the transactions of the library and preparing the annual tax filings. David is a local accountant who performs bookkeeping for small businesses, prepares individual and company tax returns, and provides financial and tax planning services. He has been a member of the Chichester Rotary Club since 2010 and a member of the Chichester Business Association since 2017.

Laura Schreiber

Laura Schreiber

Board Secretary

A few years after moving to Creekside Village in Upper Chichester from Media in 2008, Laura became very active in the Upper Chichester Library. Laura is currently the Secretary of the Upper Chichester Library Board of Trustees, and President of the Friends of the Upper Chichester Libray. She is a volunteer at the library, and works on most of the fundraising activities to support the library. She has found the library a rewarding place to volunteer, and help the library grow. Now retired, Laura had previous careers as a Registered Nurse, and Computer Programmer.

Terri Smedile

Terri Smedile

Library Director, The Upper Chichester Library

Library Director Teresa Smedile, also known as Terri (and Mrs. S to her students). Terri comes to us with many years of experience as a school librarian. 2016-2023, she worked for the Chichester School District as a traveling librarian to Linwood and Hilltop Elementary and the Chi Middle School. Prior to coming to Chichester, Terri was the full-time librarian at Glenolden School for 8 years.. We are excited to have Terri as our new leader at Upper Chichester Library and look forward to new and innovative programs to come.